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Curling at The Gwen

Olympic fever is in the Air.  

Do you love the Olympics? Ever said "I'd love to try that?"

Well now you can get your chance.  The Gwen Hotel in Chicago has set up a rooftop curling rink that is available to give your inner athlete a try at curling.   Grab a few your friends for a fun night of a few winter cocktails and hurling some stones across the ice.  What’s more fun than that?   Once you get the hang of it, bump it up a notch and make a competition out of it.    Your inner Olympian awaits.

Don’t worry, they have a fireplace, heat lamps and a fire pit to keep you warm.  No worries about missing the real Olympics either as they have TVs to watch while you compete with your friends.  Of course, there is also food service available to quench even the hungriest athlete. 

For full details and to make reservations, visit:  The Gwen Chicago